Paywings Payroll 4.0 Installation Guide

This document provides detailed steps to install Paywings 4.X. Please follow step by step instructions.

You can email a setup assistance request to Paywings and based on applicable schemes, you may be entitled to a free remote setup assistance.

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Ensure that the following prerequisites are installed in your system in sequence.

  1. .Net Framework 4 (Web Installer), Download Here.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM - Express with Management Tools, Download Here.
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 (Optional), Download Here.
  4. SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework 4, Download Here.

Paywings 4.x Installation Steps.

Here are the detailed steps to install  Paywings 4.0 :

1. Open the folder where you have the extracted the content of downloaded archive.


2.  The installation has two main files:

  •  Setup.exe  
  •  Paywings4Setup.msi


NOTE: "Setup.exe" will check if all the prerequisites (Except SQL Server) is installed or not. If missing, it will download and install them automatically in your system. If you are sure that all the prerequisites have been installed beforehand, then you can go for "Paywings4Setup.msi"

3 Now Run the setup.exe file or Click on Cancel Button to cancel (If you are not allowed to run the installer, right click on the setup.exe and choose "Run as Administrator". Ignore the warning message).



4.   The setup wizard starts.

5.   Read the instructions and Click ACCEPT to continue.




6. Read the instructions and Click NEXT to continue.


7.Read the EULA (End User License Agreement) and select I Agree. Click Next Button to proceed.



7.  Select the Installation Folder in which (drive) the application has to be installed. By Default it will be installed in "c:\Program Files(x86)\" on 64 bit OS, and "c:\Program Files\" on 32 bit OS.The User can also set the Path by Clicking on Browse button.


Note: The installation shall also give option to install for current logged-in user of the system or all User account in the system. Select whichever applicable. 

 8. The  User needs to select the options  to install for Everyone or Just me.

  • If the User selects everyone the application can be used by all the Users who will work on the system.
  • If the User selects Just me then the default credentials will be taken and only the authorized person can use the installed Paywings



  9.  Next it shows the Confirm installation Window


10.  Now the actual installation process will be started.

11.  Click on Next to continue the installation.



12.  User may get informed about the files that are being used.Click Continue to proceed the installation process.

13.  Please wait while the Paywings4 is being installed.


14. After Paywings4 has been installed successfully, Click on Close Button.




15.  Restart system before using Paywings4 application (recommended). NOTE: You may not get a prompt to restart the system when your system already has the prerequisites available in the system.



 16.  After restarting the system, Paywings4  shortcut icon will be launched  on Desktop.


17. Double click on Paywings4 Icon, The Application prompts a Registration dialogue box.


18. The User will be asked to buy this application . A Unique ID will be generated automatically and user needs to send it to and the Serial number/License key  will be sent to user's Inbox, after entering the License keypress ok Button. Please send your Purchase Order# as a reference in the mail and use the same email id that was used to purchase the license. 

NOTE: Please purchase the applicable Paywings Payroll License from an authorised reseller or Paywings Online Store.


19. The User can  also run the application on Trial basis for 30 days, Serial number is not required to evaluate, click                  on Trial Run.


You can email a setup assistance request to Paywings and based on applicable schemes, you may be entitled to a free remote setup assistance.

21. The next screen prompts you to choose either a Server or a Client. 

Note: You need to set up the Server before you set up the Client.




22. You will be prompted with this screen. The installer needs to connect with the data source (The SQL Server you just                    installed).


  • Click Button "Get Available Servers"
  • You will be able to see a list of SQL servers in the next drop down.
  • Select the SQL Server you installed during prerequisite.
  • You can choose to authenticate either with your Windows credentials or SQL Server credentials.
  • If you have chosen SQL Server, provide the Login credentials to your SQL Server (User id and password used during SQL Server Installation).




Advanced Setup

You can even have your SQL Server database hosted on a cloud server. In such a scenario, provide the IP Address of your cloud server in the Data Source Field. After connecting to your cloud server, follow the same steps as mentioned above.


The User has to provide the Database information i.e. Server Name or IP followed by \ andInstance Name in Data source name field, Authentication Mode. It is based on the installation setup of SQL Server. If the SQL is installed with windows authentication, then Windows can be chosen. If SQL authentication is chosen, the user need enter the SQL Credentials. If the SQL Server is installed on same the same machine as the application, then the user shall choose type either local host or “..


ILLUSTRATION: Data Source Formats


  • DBServer\SQLExpress
  • Localhost\SQLExpress
  • .\SQLEXpress

23. Provide Data for Super User

  • This section is used to create your company credentials into the database.
  • Chose any ID to identify your company, provide full name of the company.
  • Provide the login credentials with which the Paywings Super User can log into the system, and the email id.



24. Login with the Super User Credentials


 You can email a setup assistance request to Paywings and based on applicable schemes, you may be entitled to a free remote setup assistance.

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