How to Add new user in Paywings 4.0?

Admin or the authorized user in the organization or the company should create/add users or can even update Password, status etc.

Video Reference:

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on User Tile.

  • Admin should create new user or the authorized user can add new user
  • click on add button.


 Enter the detail of the user:-

  • UserID:         This will be the loginID of the User.
  • Username:   Actual name of the user.
  • EmailID:        Password will be sent via email to this ID (if the email is not sent, the password will be displayed within the screen itself).
  • Notify As Admin:     if user is a part of Admin team, then check this.
  • Notify As HR  :     if user is a part of  HR team, check this.
  • Click Save Button.


  •  Click on Display Button to show  the existing User ID, User Name, User Status, Date Created, Notify Admin, Notify HR.


  • Admin or the authorized User can also select filter from the set of filters provided i.e. Starts with, Ends with, Equals, Is null etc.


  • Admin/authorized User should double click row for Updation/reset/Deletion of that row.
  •  Click on Update button to enter data to be Updated.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to update this record ", Click on Yes button.


  • Click on Reset Password button to enter new password to be reset.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to update this record ", Click on Yes button.


  •  User should click on Delete button to delete record.
  •   A message pops "Are you sure you want to Delete This Record", click on Yes button.



  • Click on Export button to export data.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to Export the data", Click Yes to export the data.


  • Select the location where you want to export the data.
  • Click on Save Button.


  • A message pops "File has been exported successfully".Click on ok button.


  • Exported data is displayed in Excel Sheet.