How to customize Application settings in Paywings 4.0 ?

Admin should customize Application settings as per companies requirement. Application Settings in Paywings 4.0 includes Company Details Settings, General Settings, Mail Server Settings, Birth Day wishes Settings, Active Directory Settings.

Video Reference :

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Application Setting Tile to change/update settings.

  • In Application setting Admin or even user can change settings depending on the permissions authenticated by admin to user.
  • You can set Contact Name, Company Address.
  • You can set Authorized Signature and Company Logo.
  • Click on Update to save the settings.


   General Settings Tab :-
  •    Set Password Expiry.
  •    Enter the Min. No. Of Years to Voluntary Retire (e.g 5)
  •    Enter Retirement Age (e.g 60)
  •    Select Start Month (by-default Jan).
  •    Select End Month (by-default Dec).
  •    Enter  Currency type (e.g INR).
  •    Click on Update to save the updated settings.


Mail Server Settings :-

  • In Mail Server Settings Tab enter Company's Mail Server Settings i.e. SMTP Host, SMTP Port etc.
  • Enter Authorized User.
  • Enter Authorized Password.
  • Click on Update to save the updated settings.


  Birthday Wishes Tab :-

  • Select Mail Type i.e. Birth Day or Anniversary.
  • Enter Subject.
  • Browse and Attach Image.
  • Click on Save to save the message.

       Active Directory Details Tab

  • If the corporate is willing to use "Active Directory" to validate the users of Paywings,enter the following details i.e.
  • Server Name
  • Port Number
  • Domain Name