Paywings Payroll Monthly or Periodic Activities

This document provides a step by step guideline on the monthly or periodic activities to be done to successfully process employee salaries. 

Get a list of various monthly or periodic activities as part of payroll business process.

  • Payroll Period: -  for every month Admin/HR should set Payroll Period.
  • Employee changes: New, active, inactive, suspended, retired, promotion, demotion updates of employee
  • Employee shift for the month: – if applicable, the company assigns the employees to their relevant shifts.
  • Loan :- In the Loan, the employees can be assigned loans based on the employee ID, the type of loan, the loan amount, number of months in which the loan is to be recovered, the interest rate will be assigned here . This will become Deduction and will be deducted for that particular employee.
  • Advance: - Any deductions to be adjusted as Advance will be entered here.
  • Special Additions/Earnings :- Any special earnings /additions of the employee like arrears, bonuses, quarterly star of month or any such perks which are not part of the pay template are added here and if the addition/earning is recurring then the start and end month is mentioned here.
  • Special Deduction: - Any other deductions that are not part of the pay template shall be entered here. E.g., levies, contributions, union dues etc.,
  • Call Duty Transactions: - It is optional, for professionals like doctors etc. who work more than their duty timings or when they have to attend emergency call.
  • Leave Management: - The details of the employee leave can be entered manually
  • Hold and Release Salary :- It is optional , in this admin/user can hold salary of the employee or release salary of the employee
  • Biometric: - Online as well as offline upload of attendance can be done.
  • Exceptions Approval: - It is related to attendance.
  • Salary Process: - For Salary Process, select the criteria for the salary to be processed.
  • Check Reports:-Admin/user can check and generate reports i.e. biometric, salary, Payslip, Variance etc. reports. 

If required, redo salary process:- whenever there is a conflict in payroll reports, the user needs to carry out necessary changes, and do salary process again.