Biometrics Integration :- Integrates with all industry standard Biometric Devices to capture automated employee time in and time outs.Can also work without Biometrics.

Mail & Promotion Anniversary Alerts :- Automatic mail alerts on Birthday Reminder, Work anniversary, Promotion to next step of the same grade until an employee reaches the final step of a grade etc..

Password Expiration Setting :- When active directory services not configured to use, this shall apply to change the password after the mentioned number of days to Customized Application .

Settings :- You can easily set Company Logo, Signature, Retirement Age, Voluntary Retirement Period, Mail Server Setting, ActiveDirectory Setting etc.

Call duty/Over time calculation :- Specially for doctors/ health professionals that attend call duty wherein they get paid on per hour / Diem.

Voluntary Retirement :- The minimum number of years an employee should’ served in a organization before he/she can resign the company.

Statutory body account details:-The statutory account details of the employees shall be added and the reports can be generated accordingly

Suspension / Termination / Retirement / Resignation :- Employee Suspension, Termination, Retirement, Resignation etc., shall be maintained.

Hold / Release Salary :- There are instances in which the employee’s salary needs to be withheld which shall be released at the later point of time.

Loan Reschedule / Payoff :- Flexibility to Reschedule the EMI and payoff the remaining amount of the load.

Linking Users and Employees :- Application users can be linked to work with one or more employees based on the assignment.

Employee history :- Employee achievements, memo, misconduct etc., shall be recorded.

Employee Promotion/Demotion :- Manual promotion / demotion of employee shall be maintained.

Import & Export Data :- Data can be imported and exported via excel.

Audit Trail :- All the transactions are monitored and recorded.

Kin Details :- Kin details of the employee shall be stored.

Active Directory Integration :- Integrating Active Directories Systems.

Arrear Calculation :- Employee salary Arrear Calculation.

Employee Shift Mapping :- Shift management has been made easy.