How to work with Designation in Paywings 4.0?

Designations are job titles. Sample designations are "Manager", "Senior Manager", "Project Manager" etc.,

Video Reference :

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document. 
  • Click on Designation Tile.


  • Based on the permissions assigned from the ' Roles Tile', the user shall carry out Add, Edit, Update, Delete, Export options accordingly.
  • User should click on Display button to add, edit or to delete a row.


  •   Double click on Add Button to add Designation Name, Description.
  •   Press enter key.


  • A  message pops " Inserted Successfully ".


  •     User should right click on the row to edit/delete that row. 


  • User should select Delete Row to Delete a row.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to Delete this Record", click on Yes Button to delete the row.
  • Then a message pops " Deleted Successfully ".


  • Click on Export Button. A message pops click on Ok to export the data.

  • Exported data is displayed in Excel Sheet.


  • Select the location where you want to export the data.
  • Click on Save Button.


  • A message pops File has been exported successfully.Click on ok button.