How to work with Callduty Transactions in Paywings?

There are situations in which the professionals are paid some allowances on hourly basis (E.g., medical professionals do call duty for few hours based on the emergency) .There is a predefined amount which will be multiplied by the number of hours and the amount is paid to them.CallDuty Transactions Tile in Paywings facilitates the users to enter the hours served by the employee. It is assumed that the per hour amount is already configured via Fixed/Incremental Value tile.

Video Reference:

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Callduty Transaction Tile.

  • Firstly user should click on Refresh Data Button.

  • User should enter valid Employee Id.
  • When user clicks on Employee Name, if provided Employee Id is valid Employee Name will be displayed automatically.

User should select following details :-
  • Select Payroll Period for Callduty Transaction.
  • Select existing Callduty Name.

User should enter Number of Hours for transaction.

  • Click on save Button .
  • A message pops "Inserted Successfully" , click on Ok button.