How to work with Salary Process in Paywings?

Salary Calculations are the tedious parts of any payroll. It involves earnings, deductions, special(individual) additions/deductions, loans, advances, attendance data etc., This Salary Calculations are done by Salary Process tile which is the core of Paywings. The calculations can be done for N number of employees very easily. Since reports are the outcomes of the salary calculations, Salary process has to be completed prior viewing the reports.

Video Reference:

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Salary Process Tile.

  • Firstly user should click on Refresh Data Button.

  • User should select Payroll Period for processing  salary .

  • User should select Department for processing salary i.e. All departments,or can even select single department.


  • Click on Process button.
  • A message pops " Salary Processed Successfully " , click on Ok button.

Process Summary will be displayed which includes :-

  • Employee Processing Count.
  • Employee Processed Count.
  • Processing Start Time.
  • Processing End Time.

List of employees including employees details.