How to work with Leave Details in Paywings?

User needs to maintain Leave Details of the employees. Paywings facilitates Leave details tile, in which user can easily maintain leave taken by the employee, later which will reflect Number of days worked by the employee of the selected Payroll Period for calculating the Salary process.

Video Reference:

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Leave Details Tile.

  • Firstly user should click on Refresh Data Button.


  • User should click on Add Button to add new record.


User should select the following Details :-

  • Select Payroll Period.
  • Select From Date.
  • Select To Date.
  • Select Leave Type i.e Sick leave, Casual leave, Half Day Leave, Absent, Paid Leave.

User should enter Reason for taking leave according to the Leave Type selected.

  • Click on save Button .
  • A message pops "Inserted Successfully" , click on Ok button.

  • Click on Display Button to show  the existing Leave Register Id, Employee ID, Payroll Period, Leave Type , from Date, to Date, No. of Days.

  • For Updating click on Refresh Data button.
  • Edit fields to be updated i.e  Payroll Period, Leave Type , from Date, to Date,Reason.
  • User should click on Update button to update record.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to Update This Record", click on Yes button.

  • User should click on Delete button to delete record.
  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to Delete This Record", click on Yes button.