How to set up Paywings?


Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • User should select the PaywingsSetup.exe file from the location 
  • Run the PaywingsSetup.exe file. 

  • Upon launching PaywingsSetup.exe, the setup checks for the prerequisites availability. It automatically downloads them if they are missing.  
  • User should click on Accept Button.

  • User should click on Accept  Button to accept the license and proceed further. 

  • User should click on Accept  Button  to accept the license to install the SQL server. This will download all the prerequisite software. 

  • Installation of prerequisites starts automatically.

  • The setup wizard starts.
  • Read the instructions on the screen and follow to continue, Click Next button .

  • User should choose I Agree to accept EULA (End User License Agreement) dialogue box and click Next Button to proceed. 

  • The default installation path will be shown here.
  •  If the user prefers to change the path, they shall click on Browse Button and choose the path to install it. The installation shall also give option to install for current logged-in user of the system, or all User account in the system. 
 User need to select the options provided at the bottom which asks to install for Everyone or Just me .

  • If User selects Everyone the application can be used by all the windows login users on that system.
  • If User selects Just me then the default credentials will be taken and only that person can use the installed application on that system. 

  • Click on  Next button, it shows the Confirm installation Window.

  • Click on Next  Button  to continue the installation process, now the actual installation process is initiated. 
  • Please wait while the installation is being processed. 

  • A message pops"Paywings 4 has been successfully installed".
  • Click on Close button to complete the installation.

  • User shall click on Yes Button to restart system for the configuration changes made to Paywings to take effect.
  • Click on No Button to restart system later.

  • After restarting the system, Paywings icon will be seen on Desktop.