How to Add Employee Details in Paywings?

A person who is hired to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation.The Details of Employees are saved in this module. such as, contact details,payroll details, Bank Details etc

Vedio Reference :


Please follow step by step process as described in the document :

  • Click on Employee details tile


  • Firstly User should click on Add Button


  • Fill Details of Employee :
                                          1.User can Select title.
                                          2.User should enter First name,Middle name and Last name
                                          3.User can Choose Browse to Upload image 
                                          4.User can enter Employee Id
                                          5.User should enter Gender, Marital Status, Date of Birth, Status, Biometric Id

  • Fill Contact Details of Employee :
                                                        1. User should select Country
                                                        2. User should Enter City
                                                        3. User should Enter Residential Address
                                                        4. User should Enter Mobile Number
                                                        5.User should Enter State
                                                        6.User should Enter Nationality
                                                        7.User should Enter permanent Address
                                                        8.User should Enter his Email Id

  • Fill Official Details of Employee :
                                                         1. User should select Branch
                                                         2. User can Choose/Tick on Probation
                                                         3. User can enter Joining date
                                                         4. User can enter Promotion Anniversary Date

  • Fill  Payroll Details of Employee :
                                                       1. User should Select PayGroup, Grade, Step
                                                       2. User should select Department Unit designation and Reporting Manager

  • Fill Bank Details of Employeee :

                                                         1. User can select Cash/Bank Account

                                                         2. Enter Bank Details/Cash Details

                                                         3. User can Select Account Type, Bank, Bank Branch, Account Number, Statutory Account Name, Account Number

  • Click on Save Button
  • A Message pops "Inserted Successfully" Click on OK to Save