How to view Component Details Report in Paywings ?

 This module is used to generate Report of the Component Details. It can be exported and can be opened as excel sheet in our local systems for further use.

vedio Reference :


Please follow step by step process as described in the document :

  • Click on Component Details Report tile.


  • Firstly User should click on Refresh data


  • User should select Payroll Period.
  • User should select Component Name.
  • User should select Reports.
  • User should select PayGroup.
  • Click on View.


  • Data can Exported by choosing Export Button.


  • Select the location where you want to export the data.
  • Click on Save Button.


  • A message pops " export completed".Click on ok button.


  • Exported data is displayed in pdf format.

  • User can click Refresh Button to Refresh Report.


  • User can choose first page, Previous page, next page, last page. Report page number.


  • User can Click this Button to Find Text.


  • User can type text to find.



  • User can Zoom In/Zoom out by choosing Zoom Button.