How to integrate with Google Drive ?

Paywings provides Google Drive as an add-on which is online storage service by Google. Admin/User can integrate Paywings payroll with Google Drive, if Admin/user  having registered E-Mail or User ID with Google. 

This feature can be used by the Admin User to take their Paywings Data Backup on their google drive. They shall do it periodically after every payroll is concluded. If there is any data loss in their infra, then they shall use this same add-on to restore back from the Google Drive.

  • Click on Google Drive Tile.


  • Click on Backup in GDrive button.


  • This will prompt the user to sign with their Google credentials. Sign-In with Your Google Account. 


  • Once you Login with your Account, it asks for acceptance of this Application to store DB .


  • Paywings DataBase Uploaded Successfully.


  • Paywings folder will be created in your Google drive, and the file is saved in the encrypted format.


  • Click on Restore to Restore the Database in Application. This option shall be used when you want to restore the data from any previous backup.


  • Click on the Database which you want to restore, according to Date and time.


  • Click on Confirm restore to restore Data Base


  • A message pops "Are you sure you want to Restore the Data Base?", Click Yes to Restore


  • Restore Operation is Succeeded.