How to work with Promotional Anniversary in Paywings?

As per some company or organizational norms, the employee's are eligible to get promoted to the next Step of the same Grade every year (until the employee reaches the last Step of the present Grade). This tile helps in listing the employees that are eligible for the promotion (based on the Promotion Anniversary date setting on the employee details). The user shall further choose and apply the changes accordingly.

Video Reference:

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Promotion Anniversary Tile.

  • Firstly user should click on Refresh Data Button. 

  • User should select Payroll Period which is mentioned in Employee History for Promotion Anniversary.

  • All those eligible for the promotion anniversary in the chosen Payroll Period is listed.
  • The user should select all or few/specific employee to facilitate automatic promotion.

  • Click on save Button .
  • A message pops "Inserted Successfully" , click on Ok button.