How to work with Promotion Demotion in Paywings?

In Paywings user can easily maintain Promotion or Demotion activities of the employees. The Promotion Demotion Tile in Paywings facilitates the user to keep
tract of the employees being promoted or demoted. The details i.e Promotion or Demotion will be automatically generated and will be effective in salary process.

Please follow step by step instructions as described in this document.

  • Click on Promotion Demotion Tile.

  • Firstly user should click on Refresh Data Button. 

  • User should enter valid Employee ID.
  • Click on Search Button.

  • If the searched Employee ID is valid Employee Name, Pay Group, Grade, Step, Date of Joining, Date of Confirmation, Date of Effect will be automatically generated.

User should select the following details :-
  • Select Type i.e. Promotion or Demotion.
  • Select Pay Group.
  • Select Grade.
  • Select Step.
  • Enter Remarks i.e. Promoted or Demoted.

  • Click on Save Button.
  • A message pops " Inserted Successfully " , click on Ok button to save in Database.